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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where Bloggers Create Blog Party

Welcome to Where Bloggers Create Blog Party 2013.  I am so happy that you stopped by.  My garden gate is open for you to come in and sit and relax while I share with you my creative spaces.  I am a flower painter living in Southern California and my garden is the inspiration for most of my art and my blog.  I call myself a Decorative Impressionist and my colorful garden is reflected in my art.

Let's join Bentley, my Studio Assistant, to take a little tour of the creative spaces where I paint in my garden before we go inside to my studio space where I also create. 

Bentley and Blossom, my Scare Crone, watch over the Garden and Studio.

Flowers, chairs and vintage garden objects in my garden are inspirations that  end up in my paintings.

The blue Bistro chair and flowers inspired this painting.

I like to group plants together along with my vintage garden treasurers in a vignette to paint the Garden Shop paintings.

My potting shed sign , vintage items, flowers and and Bistro chairs are the inspirations for the Potting Shed Paintings.

This is where I paint the Potting Shed paintings.

Let's join Bentley and go inside so I can share with you  my indoor studio where I also create.

My indoor studio is located in my 450 square foot garage.  I knew when I bought the house it would make a great art studio as it has very high ceilings with a loft feeling, a wonderful tall window, dry wall finished walls, and  lots of built in storage. I faux finished the concrete floor and divided the space with vintage shutters and screens. Last year I decided to enlarge my painting space to take up the entire garage and gave all of my screens, shutters, etc. to a friend for her home and garden shop.

In this shot you can see the window, storage cabinets and high ceilings. I have "day light" florescent lighting  and the lighting is great for painting - but hard to photograph!

Bentley loves to hang out in the studio with me.

I hung some of my art on the walls and the space feels more like a "loft style " art  studio now. The old green ladder is used to display flowers I am painting. I can open the door, which looks out onto the driveway/courtyard, if I need more light and also pull my car in at night.  I recently taught an art class to my art group, The EastSide Artists, and was able to easily seat eight artists in my new space.  The additional space has me now considering teaching more art classes!

I use the umbrella at art shows and leave it up as it creates the feel of a flower shop.  Most of the flowers in the French tins are silk so that I can have flowers year round when not in season if I need them to paint.  I also have some live plants in pots that grow quite well by the window.  The vintage wicker picnic baskets are used for storage.

I buy fresh flowers from the market for just a few dollars that have been marked down as " Managers Special" as the blooms are past their prime for selling, but perfect for me to paint.  

One of my favorite quotes: 

"I must have flowers, always, and always"  Claude Monet 

Water color pencils and brushes are stored in galvanize tins.  The red Bistro chair, basket, Sunflowers and blue Hydrangeas were used in the painting below.

I store my canvases and painting supplies in the built in cabinets along the wall.  I store my various garage tools, ladder, seasonal holiday decorations, etc. behind the white curtains under the built in cabinets.  I also have a curtain hiding my washer and dryer.

This is a little work area I created on the other side of the garage. The  vintage shutters behind the work table hide my exercise bicycle and provide more storage.  I find that I am a lot more creative now that I am organized and do not have to spend  time looking for things.  The white storage bins came from Joann's Fabric and I keep my art books, etc. in them.  The big white cabinet stores mismatched china and things that I use in my still life paintings. I found it in a neighbors trash and brought it home in the back of my SUV with one inch to spare!! It has an old mirror on top that reflects more of my items that I use in my paintings.  I also have storage under the work table behind the check curtains ( can you tell - I am real BIG on using curtains to hide unsightly things???)

As you can see - my mismatched china in the old white cabinet could use a little  more organizing!

I bought these adorable flower pots at the 99 cent store and they are great for keeping things organized as well as have a garden feel.

I also use my work table for painting  smaller paintings.

This is the other side of my studio. The large white buffet is used to store my paints and more garden props. The buffet has drawers with dividers for silverware and I use it to store paints. The curtains do a great job at hiding messy - but necessary  things.  They are stapled and I just undo the staples to wash them and then staple  them back up!

 Here is a shot of the entrance to the studio from inside the house showing the white buffet cabinet.  The tall curtain hides the hot water heater and tall items. The curtains  came from Target and were $7.95 each and have been a great inexpensive way to hide unsightly necessary things and create an all white background in my studio. The concrete floor was painted with patio paint about 12 year ago and has held up very well.

Paints are stored underneath in baskets according to color.

Thank you for stopping by to visit me and my creative spaces - I hope you enjoyed your visit. Blessings, Erin

 Many Thanks go to the fabulous and beautiful Karen Valentine for creating the 5th Annual Where Bloggers Create Blog party.  Please make sure that  you visit all of the Bloggers participating for a real treat at: 

"Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones."  Proverbs 16:24


Art Paintings said...

I like the way you managed and expressed each and every stuffs beautifully along with painted art. Excellent work.

Anonymous said...

You know Erin, you could easily use your studio for a private exhibition. You have place enough, it is very clear with great light.
Your creative spaces worth a look. Thank you to share with us.

Betty said...

What a beautiful workplace you have to create so many beautiful paintings.

Linda Hartong said...

How generous you are to share all this with us.

Marlynne said...

Oh Erin! How inspiring! I did so enjoy your tour! Isn't it fun to have a peek into each others studios and creating spots?

Susan said...

Hello Erin...Your enchanting paintings, popping with color, make the heart sing! Soooo lovely.

Your garden, too, is just gorgeous. Susan

Vicki Boster said...

Erin- I remember your lovely studio and how much I loved seeing it last year--- your photos are so vibrant and colorful. The best part is that you share your paintings along with the places where you draw your inspirations-- I think that's just the very best.

Your creative space is so lovely-- it's totally you-- and no matter how many times I'm blessed to see it- I will always love it.


Carmen said...

Erin, what a colorful, whimsical and wonderful space you have! I like how you finished the garage into your studio. I can definitely see how your garden inspires your creativity. Just beautiful! :-)

Art and Sand said...

I have ALWAYS loved to look at your home, your art, your garden and your studio. We share the same color palette so anything in your garden would fit right in at my house.

I used your garden, as seen in a magazine, before I read your blog, as inspiration for my garden.

Oh, I would love to just walk around your garden to get ideas.

B E A U T I F U L . . . C U T E . . . W O N D E R F U L

Unknown said...

lovely studio and fabulous art.. and Bentley is a star... he's gorgeous.. is he a labradoodle?

cathy @ ma vie trouvee said...

Such a charming studio! What a beautiful place to create. I also enjoyed your garden tour post - lovely! You have a real talent for displaying your paintings and things. Cheers from Singapore.

boulderdamcottage said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your space, so bright, so much room the floor your helper! so CUTE!!!! I have three! :) anyway i was laughing outloud this morning! thank you one inch to spare in your SUV! Well let me tell you ive ruined my window tint on the hatchback of my sportscar! that is usually PACKED to the HILT as well! i go down the road sideways! lol! I love your space, ive got more ideas now, thank you for posting! i will follow you if i can find that darn button! :) hugs to you, peaceful Sunday! happy creating! kat =^.^=

Anonymous said...

I just adore your work, it's hard to tell the paintings from the actual settings! You have an incredible talent, I always love it when I find your blog again. Marcia

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I always enjoy your artwork when I run across your blog. The painting on the easel is my favourite.
Your flowers and gardens have inspired some nice paintings.

Becky @ Vintage 541 said...

Your paintings and garden are so colorful and beautiful! You have such a wonderful studio too! I am now following your blog and I'm going to go check out your pinterest boards and etsy shop.

Becky @ Vintage 541

Donna said...

What a beautiful studio! Your gardens are amazing and so full of color, and your paintings are gorgeous! I love Bentley, what a cute assistant! Your green table with the skirt is such a great idea, looks like a fun place to work:)

Carole said...

Your space is delightful and Bentley is adorable. Wonderful paintings and I loved my visit with you.

bobbie said...

Beautiful art work; beautiful creative space! The painted floor is awesome!
Thanks for inviting us i!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your paintings are beautiful, as are your gardens! It must be wonderful to be surrounded by all that color and be able to create in the outdoors.

Unknown said...

Erin, I always love seeing your art space, and today was no exception! So much joy in your studio and your paintings...love you!

Diana Seal said...

Oh what a grand studio, love your art work, your colors are so vibrant,gorgeous!!!
Thanks for sharing your creative space!
Have a wonderful week!
Your newest follower,

Maureen said...

What an awesome place to have a studio! So bright and huge! I would love a place to spread out like that. I also love all the flowers; what great subjects for your wonderful paintings!

Most of all, I want to hug that adorable Bentley! He is just the cutest!

Thank you for the tour!

Karen Valentine said...

Even though I do not like a lot of color in my home, I adore colorful gardens and your is one of the best!!
I always feel happier when I leave your blog Erin!! Thank you so much for showing everyone your creativity and your lovely creative spaces.

cindy-stitches-n-stuff.blogspot.com said...

Very happy, happy subjects, happy colors. Love Love Love the green desk and chair.


Anonymous said...

O what a gift you have been given for painting God's beautiful creation! Love all the bright and cheery colors-

love the "my garden is for the birds" sign! so cute!

Jane Edwards said...

Thank you so much, for sharing, a great inspiration for home, garden, painting and colour! Really cosy and adorable!