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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Painting Pink Hydrangeas With Eastside Art Group

Welcome Dear Readers.  I am so happy that you stopped by.  My garden gate is always open for you to come in and sit and relax with a cup of tea while I share with you the inspirations for my art. This year I was invited to join a talented and joyful group of local artists - Eastside Art Group -the talents of the artists are many and varied from Jewelry Making , Metal Smiting  Gourd Art, Graphic Art, Print Making, Photoshop Art, Arts and Crafts, Painting Techniques and  Sewing -  just to mention a few.  Each month we take turns meeting at the home of one of the artists for a fun day of creating. The host artist teaches the group and shares one of her special talents. 

The group chose to learn to paint pink 'hydrangeas when it was my turn to host. Let's join Bentley, My Studio Assistant, in the garden to gather some pink Hydrangeas to paint.

Now let's join Bentley in the studio to show you how it was set up for  the class.

I have a very large garage with a window and lots of storage space - it also has a very high ceiling and lot of great light and finished dry wall on the walls.  I faux painted the  floor  and it makes a fabulous art studio as I can open the doors for more light if necessary.

I use the old vintage ladder to display flowers and objects that I am painting. The umbrella is used at art shows and I love leaving it up in my studio - it creates the feel of a flower market.

 My painting in progress:

I was too busy to take photos of the completed paintings - everyone did a fabulous job painting.  I was so proud of the outcome  - especially as this was the first time for me to teach  painting techniques to adults. Thank you to  Jacki Long for taking  some photos of the 'works in progress" that I am sharing below:

This is my completed painting - I only wish I had photos of the students completed works as they were wonderful.  I had so much fun teaching the class that I am seriously considering  teaching more classes at my studio!!!  Stay tuned.

Thank you for stopping by,  I love hearing from you and sincerely appreciate your visits, comments, e-mails, and those of you who follow my blog.  Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to see me paint something or if you might be interested in taking an art class on painting techniques from me if I decide to teach more classes.

                                                  A friend loveth at all times."  Proverbs


Merlesworld said...

Lovely painting, I also like your studio, good light

Marlynne said...

Oh those lucky girls! Love your studio1 Got some ideas like the ladder to display what you are painting, and the cute cloth coverings on the spool tables?

Sami said...

What a wonderful and feminine studio. Your paintings are spectacular as always.
You are very talented, so you should be teaching.

Susan said...

Absolutely breathtaking painting. Loved it. How wonderful you are inspiring other artists! Susan

Leslie said...

Amazing! !!!

janice15 said...

Love your studio, it looks cozy.. I love all the paintings Hydrangeas are one of my favorites with love Janice

Anonymous said...

It must have gave you a lot of preparation but I think it was worth it.
It must be rewarding to share ideas and techniques with other artists.
I would have loved to be here !

You have a very beautiful place for painting, clear with a good light, perfect for an artist studio.



Unknown said...

Beautiful garage studio! I love the faux floor you created! And Bentley is always so adorable....love the pink hydrangeas and your painting. I wish I could take a painting class from you, but alas, I live in NJ...thanks for sharing your beauty and optimistic spirit, it is always a joy to read your blog!

Mary said...

so wish I could attend one of your classes. What a thrill!


Jeanie said...

Thank you so much for showing your studio and classes! Oh, how I'd love to take a class with you and work in that wonderful spot! What lucky students!

Janice said...

What a completely charming studio! Your students must have felt like they never wanted to leave! Your artistic talents come out in everything you touch! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful!

Kathryn Bechen said...

So pretty Erin! Love the hydrangea lesson in your garage studio. Looks like you're having a great summer! Kathryn

Vicki Boster said...

Beautiful!!! All the painting are so lovely-- beautiful pinks! I love (love!!!!) your garage studio- so perfect-- love that you can just open up the doors- that is fabulous!! Love that painted floor--- we are all jealous!

So glad to have time to catch up here at your beautiful blog--