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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finding Inspiration

Happy Fall

Hello and welcome to my 2nd blog post. I am delighted that you stopped by. This is where I create and share my art and the inspirations and sense of joy behind my work.

Finding inspiration. . . .here . . . .there. . . .everywhere.

A trip to the garden shop was the inspiration for the Garden Shop painting. Beautiful blue hydrangeas tinged with lavender and these beautiful sunflowers were just waiting for me to pick up my paint brush and transfer them onto my canvas. The red geraniums were in full bloom and the perfect compliment to the lavender and yellow flowers.

I added a little red birdhouse and white daisys to bring harmony and balance to the painting.

The finished painting - " The Garden Shop".

Finding inspiration. . . . .here . . . there. . .everywhere.

You will probably recognize the same sunflowers and blue/purple hydrangeas that were in the previous painting. I painted this the next day and added white iceberg roses from my garden and the white cloche with bird on top. You can't see it, but there is a chair next to the table with a straw hat. I added garden gloves instead of the little bird (we artists get to change our minds a lot!). I repeated a color throughout the painting - this time I used blue starting with the ribbon on the garden hat, blue and white vintage table cloth as well as blue and white bowls with flowers. I feel repeating one color throughout the painting brings harmony and carries your eye over the entire paitning. This artistic principal also works well in decorating your home or in your flower garden.

Later, I decided to paint out the garden chair and add this lovely climbing Iceber Rose from my garden.

Inspiration to change the painting

The finished painting " Garden Day".

COLOR TIP - All colors are made up of three primaries - red - blue and yellow. When you combine the primaries, you get the three secondary colors - orange - green - and purple. You can use colors next to each other on the color wheel - for example red would be orange and violet, or you can use the natural compliments on the opposite side of the color wheel - for example red and green. These are complimentary colors - warm colors have cool compliments and cool colors have warm compliments. Think about colors in nature and you won't go wrong in picking out colors for your fall garden or in your fall decorating.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful inspirations and art.

Anonymous said...

Love your art and darling dog. What kind of dog is Bentley? Can we see more of him? Of cource we want to see more of your fabulous art.
Brenda Hatten

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Erin,

I so love both of these paintings...they are stunning. I'm always running around with my camera, to try to capture beauty in nature...it is everywhere isn't it??

I loved your advice about using the colors in nature ...I can see I will be getting a lot of inspiration from your beautiful blog. : )


Anonymous said...

Erin, they are beautiful!
I love them!!!!