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Saturday, January 23, 2021

My New Story

Welcome.  It has been a while since I invited you over for a cup of  tea. I missed all of you and hope and pray that you  are safe and well .  I am so happy to be back and  have been living  my new story with an auto immune diagnois for the past several years and so excited to be back blogging and sharing  with you my joy, small space garden, cottage and inspiration for my art .  You may notice a few little changes in my garden and cottage such as ramps  as  most of the time I now use wheels (wheel chair or walker )  to safely get around  and am so fortunate that I have not had to slow me down one bit- otherwise, everything is pretty much the same with the addition of lots of new flea market finds and garden whimsy and art.

               Blossom, the vintage garden girl,  is as fickle as ever and constantly changing her outifts.

                      Blossom was the inspiration for my new line of "garden girl" paintings that I plan to turn into cards this year to sell to raise money to donate to a charity  that buys wheelchairs for  those who can not afford one.

                                      As well as for the more whimsical garden girl paintings with birds!


                                                       Bulbs are blooming in the winter  garden.

                                                          Pansies are in bloom!

                                                             Daffodils are blooming!

                                               Water colors in the garden on a warm day!

                   Bentley, our beloved garden/studio assistant crossed the Rainbow Bridge  at age 14.

I am painting more than ever and spend lots ot time in the garden painting whimsical watercolors if I am not in my studio.  My plan is to post evey other Saturday.

                                                                      Studio Scene

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you will come back again for a vist.  We will  have tea, explore the garden and cottage, arrange flowers and a  special painting DIY is planned soon and together we will paint an Easter rabbit.

"Where flowers grow- so does hope" Lady Bird Johnson