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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer Garden Tour

Welcome.  My garden gate is  always open for you to come into the garden to sit and relax.  I am home recovering from knee replacement surgery and have not been able to get into my garden to take photos. I added some new photos taken before surgery to last years post and am re-posting with the new photos.

Bentley, Studio Assistant, is waiting to welcome you and assist with the tour.

Back patio off kitchen with new "faux" painted flag stones.  This is where I have my morning tea and grow herbs and tomatoes in pots.

Love grouping vintage bird houses.

My small space garden is divided into "rooms" and each year I like to change things around by moving the furniture,pillows, and  adding new vintage items, different flowers, etc. This year I used the blue theme pillows as compared to last year when I used the red and added a red check bed skirt.

                                      Last years's red for a totally different look.

Last year "Blossom", my garden scare crone was all dressed up for the garden tour wearing her red Wellington boots and special apron  that my sister Leslie made for her. 

This year "Blossom" is dressed in a red apron!

My vintage Rocket bicycle has been newly planted planted with red Geraniums and a few assorted flowers.

This is a little eating area for outdoor dining.  This year I added coastal cottage elements to the summer garden with seas shells and signs.

This is the sitting area right off my front porch.  I use old rugs in the garden to define the rooms - the beautiful weather in Southern California  allows me to leave the rugs out for months. My cushions are all outdoor fabrics and have held up very well over the years.

This is my "kitchen garden" as it is located off the kitchen through French Doors and is a perfect place to grow herbs and a few vegetables (all in containers) for cooking and to sit and have morning tea.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed my little garden tour.  I love hearing from you and sincerely appreciate your visits, e-mails, comments, and those of you who follow my blog.

Have a lovely week.  Blessings,  Erin

I am still taking a blog break while going through therapy and will be back son.  Thank you for your prayers, kind well wishes, comments, e-mails,and cards.

                                         "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God".  Matt 5:8


Bev said...

It's so much fun to see your beautiful displays! And love your furry assistant! Thanks for sharing!

Cheery wave from

Merlesworld said...

You garden is delightful, I like the little areas where you can sit and dream or have a morning tea or lunch in the sunshine.

Marlynne said...

What a treat! I can smell the flowers and the feel summer breezes! My favorite room is the kitchen room with the red check pillows! love it all though! Thanks so much for the tour!

Jeanie said...

Enchanting in every way! You must work at it all the time! Loving Bentley, too! He's splendid!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much to share the tour of your charming garden.
I feel myself in your garden, sitting over a cup of tea, chatting with you, admiring all the flowers displayed around me.

I also will participate to 'Where Bloggers create' if I have the time.

In the meantime, take care.



ShirleyC said...

It's just perfect! I love it all, and especially all of the little signs. So cozy!

Kathryn said...

Your garden is looking so beautiful Erin! The colors are glorious and the vignettes of rooms are nice too. Have a fun blogger party!

Vicki Boster said...

Oh Erin- I've never seen such beautiful colors. Your little cottage garden is just stunning/ such a happy little place-/ the photos are beautiful. You truly have a green thumb!


Anonymous said...

Your garden looks so colourful and cozy. A wonderful place to be.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Always a good day to come along with you on one of your garden tours, Erin. Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to see your "Where Bloggers Create" post.

Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse said...

Erin, what a gorgeous garden! Such a delight to visit, thanks so much for the tour. We have our own Bentley, so far he much prefers running around the borders and trying to dig, which is not allowed. Hopefully he will learn to be as well behaved as your Bentley! xo Lidy

Unknown said...

Oh, Erin!
You have so much beauty in your life and it shows in who you are. I loved your tour.
Give Bentley a big hug!!
p.s. brenna says hello!

Dori said...

I love your garden, Erin, and all its pretty rooms! Full of color and charm and so inviting! Thanks to Lidy for sharing you. Blessings!

Kathryn Bechen said...

Happy 4th in your beautiful GARDEN Erin! Kathryn :)

janice15 said...

I love your garden... its so pretty... Thank you for the visit...Happy July with love Janice

Martha said...

What an absolute delight! Just found your site today. I wanna go there! Thanks for sharing your joy with me!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Dear Erin,

You and Bentley and your amazing, lovely, colorful, and inviting gardens brought sunshine to my day!



Anonymous said...

What a magical place to set and enjoy a cup of tea & Bentley. What is the metal form under the scare crow?

Unknown said...

I have never seen a more happy,colorful,whimsical amazingly beautiful garden space! My heart filled with the joy emanating from the pictures!Simply amazing! Awesome!!!! Love love love!!!!!:)))

Unknown said...

I have never seen a more happy,colorful,whimsical amazingly beautiful garden space! My heart filled with the joy emanating from the pictures!Simply amazing! Awesome!!!! Love love love!!!!!:)))

Unknown said...

Absolutely love your garden. The way you put elements together. I have many identical pieces but have commercially made cushions and they don't match. You've given me the incentive to get going on my front garden/patio before Summer is over.
Bookmarked you blog....I'll be back.

Covegirl said...

Very beautiful garden!

Unknown said...

Your blog brings so much joy and an uplifting message to all those who read it Erin. Thank you for sharing your lovely garden & garden "rooms". What a treat it is to receive your postings, whenever they occur! I've prayed for your complete recovery.

Art and Sand said...

Everything looks beautiful!

I hope you are doing well and recovering quickly from surgery.

Kathryn Bechen said...

Such colorful cozy summer love, Erin! Get well soon!

Anonymous said...