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Monday, November 4, 2013

Let's Take a Trip to Roger's Gardens

Welcome.  I am so happy that you stopped by.  I am going to Roger's Gardens this morning and thought you would like to go with me for a taste of Autumn after you have a cup of tea with me on this beautiful chilly Fall morning.

Roger's is a fabulous destination home and garden shop located in Newport Beach and one of my favorite gardens to visit. I wanted to share Fall in their garden with you before the garden changes over to Christmas which is equally as beautiful.  Their website is lovely and you may want to visit it for even more photos  and information about their classes -  www.rogersgardens.com

                                   They have several beautiful fountains and are on about 5 acres.

                                        They always have beautiful planted pots on display.

Thank you for you for stopping by. During this season of gratitude I am so thankful for my readers and sincerely appreciate your visits, e-mails, comments and those who follow my blog.  I am still painting some large works for The Heart of the Island Gallery as well as writing a new Christmas article for Southern Guide to Life magazine and will share more art with you in a few weeks.  In the meantime - I will share with you photos of some of my favorite gardens and places that I love.

Have a lovely week.  Blessings,  Erin

                               " The meditation of my heart shall be understanding."  Psalm  49:3


Jeanie said...

This is fabulous, Erin. Why would you want to go anywhere else?! I have a feeling we'll see lot of your favorite haunts. Give Bentley a pat on the head. No shopping trips for him, I suspect!

Art and Sand said...

What a beautiful garden setting. I love to walk through beautifully decorated nurseries to get inspiration.

Susan said...

Oh Erin. What a lovely and delightful place to visit. Thanks so much for taking us along with you.

Same with the antique place the day before. It's so wonderful to go on the excursions with you.

Great photos! Thanks for sharing. Susan

Betty said...

WOW I would go crazy in that place looking at all the wonderful things.


Visit from indonesian........

Susan Freeman said...

How lucky you are to have such a beautiful and inspirational spot to visit and shop. I hope that you share some of their Christmas decorations with us too!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Unknown said...

So pretty, Erin!! I can't imagine all the work they put into setting up. Can't wait for the Christmas scenes!