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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cannery Paints Art Show and Market Day

Welcome.  I am so happy that you stopped by.  Bentley, My Studio Assistant and his his friend Oliver, the Studio Assistant at Cannery Paints  invite  you  to stroll through Cannery Village with us to visit the Cannery Painters art show and market day. Cannery Paints, home of the Cannery Painters, is located in the charming historic section of Newport Beach, Ca. known as The Cannery Village.  Located just a few blocks north of the old Cannery Building ( a working fish canning business for years located on the Newport Bay) and now a fabulous restaurant on the bay.


I got my start as an artist painting at Cannery Paints about 15 years ago and I am happy to still be one of "The Cannery Painters. I  paint there as often as I can when not painting in my garden or on location.  Marilyn Poliquin, Proprietor and Artist in Residence, is a fabulous artist who teaches and nurtures a diverse group of artists whose paintings are as charming and diverse as the village in which they paint.

Imagine visiting a European Market Day where artists fill the street with paintings, antiques and entertainment.  That is exactly what you will find in Cannery Village on European Market Day. 

The charming and colorful dogs are by fabulous artist Stephanie Godbey who runs the Godbey School of Art.  You can see more of her amazing art and learn about her art school at www.stephaniegodbey.com

Let's take a look inside The South of France Gallery

Artist Wendy Johnson is the Proprietor and Artist in Residence at the South of France Gallery. You can see more of her beautiful art at www.thewendyjohnson.com.

Now we are back outside strolling through more Canery Painters art work.

The above paintings were done by fabulous artist Patricia Graham.

The above paintings were done by fabulous artist Deborah Harold and you can see more of her beautiful work at www.deborahharold.com

The above paintings were painted by the fabulous Dana Cooper.  She also teaches art at Cannery Paints on Fridays.  You can see more of her beautiful art at www.danacooperfineart.blogspot.com.

The above art was painted by fabulous artist Debbie Harold.

Beautiful handcrafted jewlery by Lucy Arnold - www.alalucy.com.

The beautiful paintings of succulents were painted by artist Barbara Baumgartner - you can see more of her beautiful art at www.barbarabaumgartner.com

Now let's go inside the studio to look at more beautiful art.  The lovely art hanging on the wall is Marilyn Poliquin's.

This fabulous painting was painted by Marilyn Poliquin.  She just started a blog and you can see more of her lovely paintings at www.marilynpoliquinsart.blogspot.com.

Chocolate sauce in charming containers made by well known chief and artist, Mila Payne.  She shares her delicious recipes on Rogers Garden's blog and can be found at www.rogersgardens.com.

Looks like Oliver is worn out from our tour of the Cannery Painters Art Show and Market Day.  We hope you enjoyed the show. I was not able to give you names of all of the artists who participated.  If you see something you like please contact Marilyn Poliquin at 949 675-0851 and she can put you in touch with the artists.

Thank you for stopping by.  I love hearing from you and cherish your comments,e-mails and those who follow my blog.  Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to see me paint something special.  I did not participate in the show this time as I am recovering from foot surgery and was not able to be on my feet all day - just long enough to take some photos to share with you.  I should be back to painting next week and will share more of my own art with you.

Have a lovely week.  Blessings, Erin

This post is dedicated to Jack,  friend of Oliver and Bentley, and beloved Studio Assistant of Wendy Johnson of the South of France Gallery and loved by all of the Cannery Painters.  Jack  was the inspiration for me to adopt Bentley - they are both Wheaten Terriers and was on  Bentley and Oliver's tour of Cannery Paints in spirit.

" The Lord is My strength". Psalm 28:7


ANNE said...

how beautiful! Thank you for sharing this!

Diane said...

Love the colors and looks like a great place there on the water.

Mary said...

What a beautiful place, so vibrant and full of amazingly talented artists' work. It all feels very southern California and makes me want to come back to that lovely area of the country..........you are blessed to live there with handsome Bentley who also has friends to visit.

Great post and pics Erin - enjoy each day.
Mary X

Ruth Welter said...

Erin, what an absolutely beautiful gallery, I think I would be in heaven walking around and looking at all the gorgeous art.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me it is a perfect place for an art show. The buildings of the galleries are beautiful and so are the paintings. How generous from you to give us their blogs to visit.
I would have loved to be here to share with all the artists.
Have a lovely week.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

How did I not know about this place when I lived there for 40 years!? I took lessons from Phyllis Biel when living in Costa Mesa. Thanks for sharing this. I miss the area and the Laguna Festivals in Summer.

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed my stroll (window shopping) through Cannery Paints Art Show & Market Day. I just wanted to grab Bentley by the whiskers and love on him a bit. He's precious. As are his friends (tuckered out and all!)

I loved the succulents - the painting of the woman looking at a painting, the children in the paintings, the sunny flowers set just in front of a painting of other sunny flowers and well, those are the ones I still remember from my stroll! Shame they don't show the images when you view the post as you comment!

What a neat place the Cannery has turned into. All the sights and sounds (imagined by me of course) are great. It's neat that you have a history w/the Cannery.

Thoroughly enjoyed my stroll and the final words/image.

Great post - hope you stay on the road to recovery and are back in the swing of things very soon!

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

What a beautiful tour of the Cannery. So many wonderful artists.Thanks so much for sharing such an inspiring event. I'd like to thank you too for stopping by with your lovely comment on my blog. Have a great week!


Marlynne said...

I kept watching for the fabulous artist Erin's work-now I know why you weren't in the show. A fantastic show! sure wish I was closer would love to be involved!

Marlynne said...

kept watching for the fabulous Erin's art1 Now I know why! Sure wish I lived closer would love to be involed at least to view the show!

Tracey FK said...

Found your blog through a comment you left on Dion Dior and so glad you did... love your work and your adorable pooches... have spent a lovely time scrolling back through and looking at your work... heading back to follow you so I don't miss any more posts...xx

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Your blog is so lovely! I LOVE all the pictures in this post - and I wish the town we live in [St. Michaels, MD] would have more places that shows and sells [and supports] local artists!

You did a fantastic job with your pictures and post,
All the best,
[westies and beyond is what you'll find on my blog]

The Woodbury's said...

I want you to tell you just how much I enjoy your blog in general; thanks so much for sharing so many beautiful things with us. A special thanks for this post -- I know it couldn't have been easy getting all of that with a hurt foot. I hope that Bentley is taking good care of you!

Susan said...

Oh my, what a spectacular show. Fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful photos. Susan

Heirloom treasures said...

AAwwwh,Bentley and friends are so cute. Is that Bentley in the picture with the broken flower pot?
I so love the picture with the children in the Sunflower field.
Looks like a fun place. xx

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janice15 said...

Im your newest follower, you blog is simply wonderful. So brite and cheery, I just love it. So happy I found you...all the art work is great. come by and visit sometime soon...@ spoonwither.blogspot.com Happy weekend with love Janice