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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cottage Christmas

Welcome. I am so glad that you stopped by. My door is always open for you to come in and sit and relax with a cup of tea while I share with you the inspirations for my art. I have been busy for the past two months painting "Snowman/lady" door greeters to help raise money for several charities. I also painted some to give my family and friends for Christmas. Come in and I will show you what I have been up to in my kitchen and studio. for the Holidays.

I found some adorable place mats at K-Mart earlier this year and thought they would be perfect for Christmas. They are by Country Living and are beautifully made - reversible to a red and white ticking with vintage style buttons.

I love snowmen and always go overboard decorating with them for Christmas.

One day I will try making snowmen cookies - this year I made gingerbread men and traditional Christmas cookies.

You can see my collection of snowmen on my mantel.

Bentley, my Studio Assistant, thinks that I have gone overboard with snowmen. I hope you are not tired of seeing me post about them - I promise this will be the last post until this time next year.

I am having my fireplace chimney cleaned by "Oliver Twist" chimney sweeping company and hung our stockings on my old blue cupard until they finish cleaning - then I will hang them on the fireplace mantel.

Bentley has his own stocking (no it does not have any snowmen on it).

Bentley decided to explore his stocking to see if there were any "early" treats in it from Santa.

He thought he was in trouble and gave me that "sad" look when I discovered his stocking on the floor.

He even ran upstairs to hide in his favorite spot.

Let's go outside into the garden and I will show you what I did with the snowmen I painted for Christmas presents for my friends and family.

Our weather in Southern California has been so warm that our Iceberg roses are still blooming. Normally they stop blooming in November.

I place the snowmen paintings in my garden so that friends and family can pick the one they like to take home.

Surprise - a gingerbread painting - I painted this one last year.

More gingerbread men.

I love decorating my old vintage Rocket bicycle.

"But the angels said to them, "Do not be afraid; I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people." Luke 2:10

"This will be a sign for you; you will find a child wrapped in cloth and lying in a manger." Luke 2:12

Thank you for stopping by. I love hearing from you and sincerely appreciate your visits, comments and those who are following my blog. Please let me know if you would like to see me paint something special. I will be on a blog break until December 27th to work in my studio finishing several paintings for Christmas presents that I can't share with you until after Santa comes (never know who may be peeking at my blog). I am also working on a new painting for my blog banner and will share the inspirations with you.

Wishing you and your family a peaceful, joyous and happy Christmas Season.
Blessings and Merry Christmas , Erin


ShirleyC said...

I will miss seeing your snowmen. Bentley is too funny! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Hello Erin!
Your paintings are so cheery and colorful...I just love them. You have wonderful inspiration with all your snowmen around the house and outside. I love snowmen too and have lots on the tree and my little snowmen family on my desk. Have fun working on your paintings...and I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas!
Maura :)

Happy@Home said...

I'm so glad you shared all of your snowmen with us. This was such a happy post. The snowmen you painted are the cutest of them all. How sweet of you to let your friends and family pick out the one they like best.
Merry Christmas to you and to your cute little studio assistant too.

Phyllis said...

Bentley is so cute!

I love all the vignettes you've created and the paintings are terrific! I've picked up my paintbrushes this week to make a few tiny paintings to give. They're a lot quicker to make than sewn projects!!

Your cookies are yummy looking; I haven't made the first one yet!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your sweet snowmen welcome! And Bentley looks like he's taking it all in stride! You have a beautiful home...with such happy colors! Enjoy the season, sweet friend! Hugs! ♥

Lallee said...

How enchanting everything looks, Erin. I feel like I just had the most wonderful red feast--right up my alley. I thought Bentley had a poinsettia head band on at first in one pic ;-) Tell him Santa will be here soon and I bet his stocking will be filled with lots of treats. Your outdoor nativity is so wonderful!!!! Merry Christmas!

kristin said...

I love your snowmen!I am a snowman addict too and i love them because unless they are super christmas-y you can leave them out into January!

I am your newest follower and look forward to going back through your blog as well as reading new posts! :)

Anonymous said...

I want to come to your house...how inviting...and all things colorful!
I really love the gingerbread things...my kitchen is done in gingerbread! Merry Christmas!

bj said...

The snowmen you painted are just perfect for this wonderful time of the year.
I love Bentley's Christmas collar. He is so adorable.
I wish you the best Christmas and a Happy New Year.
love, bj

bj said...

The snowmen you painted are just perfect for this wonderful time of the year.
I love Bentley's Christmas collar. He is so adorable.
I wish you the best Christmas and a Happy New Year.
love, bj

Lady Jane said...

Everything looks wonderful and I could never tire of snowmen or snowwoman. Hope you get all your painting done and have a very merry Christmas.

Vicki Boster said...

Sweet Erin -
These photos are fabulous - I simply adore all of your snowmen. I love snowmen also - your collection looks so wonderful all over your beautiful house. That Bently - he just can;t wait until Christmas can he!!

Your painted snowmen are precious and what a wonderful token for charity they are. You are a gifted and generous person Erin. I am wishing you and Mr. Bently a happy and most Merry Christmaas!


Ruth Welter said...

Hi Erin, lovely, lovely decorations you have there...I'm stopping by to wish you the happiest of holidays.


Anonymous said...

Erin, thinking about you and hoping you are high and dry! Everything looks so cheery and welcoming. Wishing you a Blessed, Merry and DRY Christmas!
Hugs, diane

Becca said...

Beautiful Christmas post! I love the cookies...wow, real Gingerbread men...yum! Always enjoy my visit here...Merry Christmas to you and Bentley!

Susan Freeman said...

Dear Erin and Bentley ~ I wish that we lived close by so that Bentley and I could stop by your cottage and give you both big Christmas hugs. Since I can't ~ I am sending you wishes for a Blessed Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Lots of love,
Susan and Bentley

Patty Sumner said...

Absolutely Beautiful! Blessings to you! Found your blog while browsing through blog land. Glad I did! I will be back to see your beautiful work and home.

Vicki Boster said...

Happy Holidays sweet Erin - go and check out my blog - there might be a Holiday surprise waiting for you there~~


Sandies' Patch said...

Hi there! I love your blog and am looking forward to your 'Garden Tour'!
I come to you via '2 Bags Full' blog who recommended a visit to your blog.... I'm glad I did!

Sandie xx

Sandies' Patch said...

P.S Bentley is one beautiful dog!
And, I love your snowmen too!

Sandie xx

Vicki Boster said...

Sweet Erin-
please email me your mailing address. My email is on the sidebar of my blog~~. Want to send your new prize to you!!! I am so glad you won - that Maddy girl - she sure knows how to pick a winner!


yaya said...

I had to come over from Vicki's blog and visit...yours is so charming! Bentley is just too cute, reminds me of a dog you'd see in a movie or on TV! I love your art also...have a wonderful New Year!